Use That Saw Well!

A circular saw is a fundamental tool in the world of wood projects. It takes special blades that are used to cut curved shapes with ease. With the following tips, you will learn how to use a circular saw effectively and safely; while keeping it well maintained so that it can serve you for many years. I have used the same tips and my saws last more than ten years!


Setting just the right depth for the blade


For a circular saw to work more efficiently and safely, you need to set the blade to a proper depth. Set the blade as shallow as possible and do not allow it to protrude too much. If you set it too shallow, it will be more dangerous since it will be too exposed when cutting. Additionally, when the blade is too deep, the saw will most likely bind and kickbacks.


Keep your blades sharp

Picture sharpening the blade

You should not compromise your safety for anything. When you notice your saw gnawing through the board instead of smoothly going through, it is time to replace it. If also you see smoke as you work on the wood, the motor is being overworked and it is time for a new blade. Being too adamant to replace dull blades will only shorten the life of your circular saw.


Be keen about how the cut piece falls off


The easiest way to avoid binding is by allowing the cut offs to fall freely or move away. Ensure that you are supporting the board throughout when cutting to avoid splintering.


Rest the hot blades the right way


Do not rest the circular your saw blades on cement or steel surfaces. These surfaces can dull the blades due to chipping of the top grin. Instead, settle the blade on a plastic surface or on plywood.


Avoiding kick back troubles


To avoid experiencing kickback problems, avoid cutting boards that are supported on both sides. As you get closer to the end of the cutting, the board will bow down pinching the blade in the cut, causing either or both the saw and the board to kick back. This can be very disastrous not to mention the mess it makes on the board.


Know how to cut right along a straight line

Cutting the wood picture

This requires practice in order to do it right. Cutting along a straight line takes less effort to keep the blade on track when the blade well aligned. However, if you wander away from the line, do not insist on steering the blade back on the same line. Instead, stop the blade from spinning, withdraw the saw and start all over again.


Here is how to make rip cuts the right way


A table saw is much better for making rip cuts when compared to a circular saw. However, if you do not have a table saw, I can share a trick of making a rip cut using a circular saw. The trick is holding or securing the board in place as you make the rip cuts. Clamping is not a good way of securing the board. A better option is to use finish nails and remove them through the rear side once you are through.


Keeping the blades clean

Clean blades perform better and they do not dull quickly. Letting sap and other things accumulate on the blade will make them work inefficiently. Always remember to use brass or nylon brush to clean the blades after use.

Shaking a Cough

A constant cough from a cold is very irritating, frustrating and troublesome. Whether you are suffering from a chesty cough or a dry cough, the first thing a person wishes to do is get rid of it as soon as possible. I have been struggling to shake off a cough from a cold I contracted a week ago. I had really struggled to get rid of a cough to no avail until I found some very helpful home remedy tips that I applied and they soothed a cough and it is slowly fading away. Below are some of the tips that will help you shake off that stubborn cough once and for all.


Drink lots of fluids


One of the tricks of getting rid of coughs and colds, in general, is by making sure that you stay hydrated all the time. When you are suffering from a cold the nasal passages secret mucus, which if dropped down the throat causes irritation and the result is coughing. Taking fluids will thin out such secretions and keep the membranes well lubricated because if they dry off it can result to coughs.


Try steam inhalation

Woman doing steam inhalation

Inhaling steam will help loosen the mucus in your nasal passages decongesting them. Boil some mint leaves and inhale the steam or add some menthol in hot water and inhale the steam. This works wonders in decongesting your nose, throat and lungs.


Take a hot shower


Taking a hot shower has been proven to loosen secretions in the nasal passage soothing coughs brought about either by allergens or cold. Breathe in that steam, it will help decongest your airways.


Avoid the irritants in the air


Irritants such as smoke, perfumes and anything that is strongly scented can cause irritation in your sinuses making them produce extra mucus, which results into coughs. Get rid of such irritants by avoiding smoking, using strongly scented perfumes and soaps or any other strongly scented product.


Gurgle hot water with salt

Woman gargling

This not only helps soothe your irritated throat but also it assists in killing the viruses and bacteria that may be present on your throat. Hot/warm salty water is a versatile tool for treating various ailments, and it is especially great for a sore throat.


Get enough rest

Getting plenty of rest will help your body get the much-needed energy to fight whatever might be causing the cough. A good rest is rejuvenating to your body and it will help you get rid of the cold faster.


Use a humidifier

Picture of a woman sitting

Breathing in dry air will dry off your nasal membranes causing discomfort and irritation, which might result in constant coughs. If the air in your home or place of work is too dry, use a humidifier to put back some moisture in the air.


Hot drinks


Hot drinks such as ginger tea, hot lemonade with honey and broth with garlic have a soothing effect on your irritated throat. In addition, components found in ginger, honey and garlic boosts your immunity enabling your body to fight the cold much fast.


Take supplements


Supplements will help to boost your immune system. Supplements rich in vitamin C and Zinc have the power to boost your immunity making your body better positioned to fight anything that is causing the cough.